Heikki Hamarila is a painter as well as an installation and performance artist. The central elements of his works are space, the stars, the horizon and forms which are connected with the universe. In his works, a touch of the subconscious and of nature are transmitted in a visual manner by means of colours, forms and symbols.

Heikki Hamarilas approach varies from the expressive to a meditative investigation of colour and atmosphere. He approaches the core, peels the onion; exploding galaxies arctic soul landscapes. The works transmit a strong symbolistic and metaphysical feeling.

The artist characterizes one of his exhibitions as follows: "Trees are important for me. A tree is not only a tree but also a being, a form. It is also a symbol of man, in it is the growth and force of life. Trees are changing forms which communicate with the universe, the stars and also with the earth. They are vulnerable, they suffer, feel, and love.

Our earth hopes for ecological and protective thoughts and actions. Trees speak."