About the theme - Touch of Time:

"Light moves in time and pierces time - moves into the past and present.
Like a chrystal - a magic meeting with time and timelessness.
Imagelike moments experienced awake and asleep.
Without the past there is neither present nor future."

The works in our exhibition are installations on the surface of walls and in space.
When created the works, I was, during the work process with discussion about the memories and of this moment and how we experience time. We have moved in time and allowed time to set us in motion.

My work “In you” incorporates two trees which have grown one into the other and their reflection, the physical and spiritual experience of love.

In the crystal crown one can see the entire world as well as life – light penetrates time which is in motion, experiences and remembrances draw near and recede.

The works are afterimages of a voyage to Sarajevo in 1998 with their roots in experiences and states of feeling. The voyage had affected me strongly and shocked me, stirring up thoughts about humanity. The series of works depicts these experiences.

The tender and living touch of the brush has always fascinated me. The experience of Oriental calligraphy and ink drawings is often in my mind and poses a challenge for composition and handwriting. In my painting the view is directed upward, towards experiencing of the landscape and of space.